GoIbibo.com where is my money?, your Customer Service Sucks


I am having a worst flight booking experience with GoIbibo.com. In short we tried to book flight tickets on 26th September late night due to an urgency. One transaction on Goibibo failed and my credit card charged for the amount of Rs 24,654. Due to an emergency we didn’t check that, I realized the ... Read More →

Dropbox brings Mailbox app to Android

Mailbox for Android

Mailbox is a popular iOS app, it generated so much hype when it launched that nearly a million people lined up as a wait list to get the app. Dropbox eventually acquired the app, it remained as iOS exclusive till now, but things are changing now as it is getting released for other platforms. Dropbox ... Read More →

10 Best free Android apps for learning English


If English is no your first language then chances are that your English language skills are not upto the mark. In today’s world it is important that you improve your English language as it is the most preferred language when dealing with foreign clients. If you are a student and want to go abroad ... Read More →

What you need to know of Windows 8.1 Update


Microsoft has finally took the wraps off Windows 8.1 update due next week to the general public. This update includes some new features and functionality and improves lot of features. Microsoft is improving the user experience on desktops and laptops with this update, the user experience of devices ... Read More →

Can’t buy a brand new smartphone? go for an used one

Refurbished Phones for sale

Smartphones market is imploded recently, manufacturers are racing towards specs war, they are loading their high-end phones with cutting edge tech. The specs race has made the life cycle of the phones as short as possible. If you want to buy a high-end phone you might have to shell lot of money, but ... Read More →