10 Great Wallpapers for Linux Geeks

I stumbled over these great wallpaper collection of tuxbrothers.net. They have a great collection of wallpapers for the linux freaks. Full wallpaper collection is here, below my 10 favourite wallpapers from the list.

Download the wallpapers from here

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers

Linux wallpapers


  1. says

    Wait, so a good linux wallpaper, is the linux penguin ruining the windows logo, in various ways? You should seriously stop comparing yourselves with windows so negatively, and focus on the things that makes linux good.
    These wallpapers are made of fail

  2. LoLo says

    I use both Linux and Windows. Vista, Debian and XP, and i like them all.
    I just say I like this wallpaper, “Nice colors and funny”, but I understand your point of view.

  3. says

    I do like the bottom one a lot, but took it off my desktop after my mate interpreted it as cartoon pornography.

    I took it down :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Am I the only one that finds it ironic the fact of the penguin drinking a Windows juice?! What is that supposed to mean? There is windows running in the penguin’s veins? Or does it mean linux gets its “power” from MS Windows? 😐 And it’s funny the fantastic irony in Windows “we suck more” when actually its the penguin who is sucking so hard, the juice is all squished :O

    Lol but okay, you guys know best 😉

  5. Moohaha says

    I agree with anonymous on the penguin sucking picture. WTF is that? The eye check seemed a little out of place too.

  6. David Curtis says

    I like the last one too… but her feet are too big, can you make them a bit smaller? She’d be great in high-heels since longer feet make for higher heels (unless they’re platforms)… as for it being deemed “sexist” to put it on the desktop I disagree with that interpretation.

    I also really like the one with the butterfly. I’ll probably use that one myself if I can bring myself to using anything but a plain black background.

    I also don’t much get the Penguin sucking on the juice – unless it’s saying Linux is draining Windows, sucking the life out of it – in which case it’s funny, it makes sense, and Yay! Linux!.

  7. Denver says

    hi… great, the last one is my best love….so cute and sexy…and the 4th one…funny and cute.

  8. says

    @Anonymous 1
    I understand what you mean but It is shown in a fun way, no hard feelings.
    Interesting point, i never thought that way.
    @Anonymous 2, Moohaha
    David explained your concern well. It symbolizes Linux is taking windows share of users

  9. Tom says

    Would have been better if they promoted Linux in a way that didn’t bash Windows.
    I’d like some good pro-Linux backgrounds that weren’t a constant reminder of Windows.

  10. Koselara says

    I know this is an old post, but wished to agree with a few others… *If* Linux users want newbies from outside the existing core of geeky young guys already drawn towards our community, it needs to not be portrayed as the immature antagonistic little brother, both in terms of Windows users and women. (Of course, for users that prefer that FLOSS & Linux be purely for tech-oriented male programmers, the argument is moot.)

  11. el_b says

    To whoever said “This is made of fail” and “they should focus on the things that make linux good”:
    It is they that made the backgrounds. It’s their problem, and if you’ve ever used Windows Vista, I’d guess you wouldn’t say that.

    Anyways, they are perfect for my dualboot linux and XP.


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