Adsense rolls out simple ad management

Tired of updating the Adsense code everytime you make small changes, now you can update the code from Adsense site itself. Google finally released the Manage Ads feature for Adsense, now you just modify the code in Adsense and the changes will take place in your site ads.

This feature won’t work automatically with old ads you have, for that you need to copy and paste the old ad code in ‘Manage Ads’ section. Next time onwards it will work automatically. You can find the Manage Ads tab in Adsense Setup section in your adsense account.
Manage Adsense ads

Also note that if you create your ad code through Blogger,, or Apple iWeb it won’t work.


  1. Doug @ Flowmark says

    Its been a long time coming. I use both Adsense and Adwords regularly and its nice to see Google’s poorer cousin (Adsense) getting some of the much needed development time.