Attach Large Files to Yahoo Mail with App, the super simple file sharing service has released a Yahoo Mail Application that allows Yahoo mail users to attach upto 100MB files to the mails while sending. The application is enabled by default for all users.

To use the feature select the “Attach Large Files” application from Applications Menu in Yahoo Mail, the application is not available via mail editor, you need to go through the application, attach files first and compose a message.

The recipients can see the attached files in a special page and comment on that or download to their computer. The files will expire after 30 days.

dropio-yahoo-mail-application developer says that the app is completely based on open API, i think they are showing the power of API with this application.

This is not the first app for sending large files with Yahoo Mail, Zumodrive has an application for quite some time that also allows you upload large files.

The app is useful for Yahoo Mail users who want to send large attachments via email, and it will give some exposure to


  1. says

    Why divulge information via yahoo api? Simply create a drop yourself (easy), and send your friend the URL.

    Much much less risk of leakiness.

  2. Russ says

    I loaded this app through the window in my yahoo e-mail page and now as soon as I attach anything my AT&T page freezes and I have to force quit the Safari and restart it, NOT A GOOD APP! How can I delete the app?

  3. Yas says

    This app is too much slow wherein you can’t predict whether it is still sunning or already not responding..

  4. Ben says

    And don’t get me started with the freezing.
    The application just freezes midway, after waiting patiently for almost one hour. Frustrating to say the least.