Automatic Photo Uploading to Dropbox from PC and Mac

Dropbox recently announced improvements to the user interface and added new features like action bar and photo viewer. In February they added a feature that allowed users of Dropbox Android app to auto import photos and videos to their Dropbox account.

That feature has now been extended to the Dropbox desktop clients. The new feature will allow users to push photos to Dropbox whenever they connect an SD card or a camera.

Dropbox has updated the desktop apps with the new functionality, download the app for this to work. Dropbox must be running in the background when you connect a digital camera or SD card to push photos and videos directly to Dropbox.

Getting pictures off your camera has always been a huge pain. So we put our heads down and worked worked worked to ensure that automatic upload would play nicely with anything that might have a photo or video on it. With the newest version for Mac or Windows, you can just plug your camera, phone, or SD card into your computer and with a few clicks of the mouse all your photos and videos are in your Dropbox!

The photos will be uploaded to your Dropbox in full-quality with original size and they will saved to the Camera Uploads folder, you can access these photos from anywhere and share them with others. If you upload large collection of photos they may eat up your Dropbox storage. Dropbox will offer 500MB of free storage for your first automatic upload.

Dropbox has also introduced a Photos page, where you can see your photos in full glory with large thumbnails, and grouped by month, you can also hover them to find the date of the photo and you can share them with others using public links.

Dropbox has been adding new features recently, these features are welcome for users and important for Dropbox in the wake of increased competition from Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. See the price comparison of cloud storage services.

Download Dropbox updated apps. Dropbox announcement.