Boat Browser – A New Android Browser with Themes and Add-Ons Support

Web Browsing has completely changed on the Android OS from basic Web Browsing to  using Google Chrome with all the advanced features. With several web browsers available on the Google Play Store including Chrome and Firefox, certain users are still not satisfied with the browsing experience. The problem, here, is the constant lag and slow speeds on most of these browsers. High end phones can perform quite well on Chrome and Firefox, however, low-end devices usually lag and can’t perform well. Boat Browser for Android is a new web browser which looks really similar to the Google Chrome, but is much faster and stable. In fact, it looks much like the PC version of Chrome rather than the one for Android.

Firstly, the browser offers a smooth multi-tab feature. Most Android browsers offer multi-tab, however, the browser usually lags once the user opens more than 2 tabs. Boat Browser stays smooth with numerous tabs. It also features a Bookmarks manager with folder, importing and exporting bookmarks support. You can also set custom controls for the volume key for changing tabs or zooming in and out. Apart from that, the browser also offers User Agent changing.

Boat Browser also features all the basic features of a decent Android browser including pinch to zoom, full screen mode, downloads manager and copy/paste. You can also create shortcuts of webpages on your homescreen. Boat Browser also supports Adobe flash player for playing videos and games within the browser.

Probably the best thing about the browser is that it is extremely customizable. There are several themes already available for the Browser and themes development will continue throughout. Apart from that, the browser also supports add-ons which are currently available for Boat Browser in the Play Store. You can get the browser here. A popular password manager add on for boat browser is available here and here are some of the themes for boat browser:

Starry Night Theme, NoteBook Theme, ICS Theme