Bug in iOS 6.0 causes data overages by downloading podcasts and audio streams multiple times

A bug in iOS 6.0 causes podcasts and audio streams to download multiple times, there by creating data overages. The bug is related to a flaw in AV foundation framework and is increasing the podcasts or audio streams considerably causing the data overages on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

According to PRX labs, which first reported the bug, it is making the audio files to download multiple times in 1OS6.0 but only once in iOS 5. They say that in once case where the file is 30MB, it caused 100MB of data transfer.

Instead of downloading the podcast once, connection errors force the app to download the stream over and over again. PRX notes that after downloading the stream completely, the app starts the download again causing significant bandwidth overages.

Users who frequently listen to podcasts Apple’s podcast app are advised to download the latest version of the iOS, the is iOS 6.0.1 on their devices. The flaw is reportedly fixed in the latest version of iOS. Apple released the iOS 6.0.1 on November 1st and still many users haven’t updated their devices to the latest version of iOS. The bug is effecting Apple’s own podcasts app and other apps that use streaming player, like iTunes Match.

Source: PRX Labs, Via TNW