Bulk Image Converter: Batch convert images from one format to other

Bulk Image Converter as the name suggests it can convert from one image format to another. It is not a full pledged converter app like FormatFactory or others, instead it just does the image conversion from one format to other.

Bulk image converter

The freeware bulk image converter is an open source application with a minimum interface. It is a standalone software, download the app and run it. When you open the app it will ask you the folder containig pics to be converted. Select the folder with images and set the conversion formats. It can handle conversion of BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF, ICO/ICON, JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF, and WMF.

This is a good tool for batch converting images from one format to another, for expample yu can convert all your Jpeg images to PNG images or from PNGs to Jpeg files.


  1. says

    Very cool, I was looking for a program like this, quite a while ago. It doesn’t have quite the features I need, but as a straight conversion tool, it looks great.