Buy Stuff from Amazon via SMS

Amazon launched a TextBuyIt service, using that users can buy stuff from Amazon using you their cell phones. Mobile communication is growing rapidly and so web adoption to mobile. TextBuyIt is a smart move from Amazon to give its users another option to stay with them.

Now using textbuyit you don’t have to sit infront of your computer to purchase stuff, you can just SMS to amazon to get the search results to your mobile. You can search items using keyword, ISBN or UPC code, Amazon returns 2 search results to your mobile, you can purchase the items either by sending 1 or 2 to Amazon or you can send ‘m’ to get more search results. Once you decide to purchase some stuff you will get a call from Amazon to complete the purchase process via automated voice system. After the purchase you can track your orders via

Amazon textBuyIt faq says that this is a free service but ‘Deal of the Day’ or ‘Gold Box Discount’ will not be available by this method. Source: AP