Copytrans TuneSwift: Easily Restore, Backup and Transfer your iTunes Library

iTunes by Apple is a really awesome media player that lets you easily play as well as manage media on your computer. iTunes is also a necessary tool for managing the media on your iPod, iPhone as well as iPad. Even though iTunes has nifty looks and powerful features, one of its most bugging feature is that all your data including the iPod and iPhone data gets erased when you transfer it from one PC to another. All the time you had spent over the years in organizing your iTunes library all becomes a waste.

Whether you are formatting your PC or buying a new one, backing up and restoring your iTunes data is a pretty tedious task. CopyTrans TuneSwift provides a quick and easy way to do just that. It lets you easily and safely transfer your iTunes data between different computers. TuneSwift has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with 3 basic options – Transfer, Backup and Restore.

Using the Transfer option, you can transfer all your iTunes data from one computer to another. It transfers all data including music, videos, podcasts, applications, books, ratings, artwork, playlists and much more. In addition to this, it also backups your iPhone, iPod as well as iPad data. It can be really handy if you are changing your OS or you are buying a new PC.

The Backup option lets you easily backup your entire iTunes library into an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. It saves your complete data in a single backup archive. This option too backups your iPod, iPhone and iPad data. It can be really handy to frequently backup iTunes data so that you do not lose any data in case your hard drive or OS crashes.

The Restore option is basically used to restore the data from previously made backups.

TuneSwift is compatible with all iTunes version above 7.0 and uses very little system resources. It requires a minimum of 128 MB of RAM and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista,  Windows 7 and also Mac OS X.

TuneSwift is a simple yet powerful app that can be really useful to transfer as well as backup your iTunes library. For all the iTunes lovers, this app is a must-have! You can download this app for free until 15th March 2011 using the following activation code – TUNESWIFT-ACTI-VATE-ME.