The popular social bookmarking site is getting a new web 2.0 look, they are offering a preview for some invited users.

According to blog the initial invites list is full and they will add more invites later, if you want to get invited for the preview you can add yourname here.

Techcrunch has screenshots of the new interface, it looks completely different from the current version and has some new features. The new service is available at, but you need an invite to get in.

Image Credit: Techcrunch, more screenshots at Techcrunch


  1. Dashifen says

    About time :) That being said, I haven’t even been to the site since the new Firefox add-on was released.

  2. Shankar Ganesh says

    No matter how it looks, I think I’m not bothered much about.

    I too use the FF extension just like you guys, and it’s only rarely I happen to visit the site.