Demonoid is back, Invites available

Demonoid is back as expected and it is working properly. I am happy to see it working again after it went offline for few months.

The old database is intact so if you are a user in the past your login credentials will work.

I have 5 invites (No more Invites) to share if any of you are interested in demonoid account. Please leave a comment with a valid email address.


  1. Aster says

    Hey, I’d like an invite too 😉
    And since you’re at it, can you also explain shortly the various rules (upload ratio, leeching etc.) for Demonoid (via email, of course)…

  2. cory says

    Thank you for responding I have not received an invite yet please send me one thank you!!!!!!

  3. Bellavita says

    Can I be the first person ever to be invited in Costa Rica, c’mon guys Please, please, please, Will be using my account for ecological reasons only 😉