Digg Reader is coming as a Replacement for Google Reader on June 26th

As we reported earlier Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st, power users cried loudly about the demise of Google Reader but Google didn’t care and on track to shutdown the popular RSS feed reader service. We noted earlier there are some alternatives to Google reader and they are all trying to add more features and upgrades before the apocalypse. One more alternative is coming from none other than once popular social news site Digg. It announced plans to introduce news reader at the time Google decided to shut the reader.

Digg is on track to release a reader replacement and shared the news on Digg blog. According to Digg it will release Digg Reader on June 26th, the version 1 will have basic features with simple design, functional and fast.

Over the last 90 days, the Digg engineering team — all 5 of them — has been heads-down building an updated take on the RSS reader. For our first public release, in time to (just) beat the shutdown of Google Reader, our aim has been to nail the basics: a web and mobile reading experience that is clean, simple, functional, and fast. We’re also introducing a tool that allows users to elevate the most important stories to the top.

The first release that will be available to everyone next week will allow easy migration from Google reader. It offers clean reading experience that puts focus on the articles. It will also have support for subscribing, sharing, saving and organizing feeds. It will also available on the iPhone at the launch.

Digg Reader is coming as a Replacement for Google Reader on June 26th

After the launch Digg will focus on launching an Android app, performance of the service, integration with third party services and so on.

Digg Reader is coming as a Replacement for Google Reader on June 26th

It will be available as a freemium model, that means basic features will be available for free to everyone, some extra features will be available as a paid option. Digg didn’t clarify what extra features paid subscribers will have at the moment.

If you haven’t already migrated to another feed reader already will you use Digg?, what do you think of Digg Reader.

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