Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

Ad-Aware is one of the must have free program for protecting system against malware attacks. Ad-Aware will protect your system from spyware, keyloggers, trojans and other identity theft software. Ad-Aware has both free and paid versions, and the free version is enough for average user.

Lavasoft, the makers of Ad-Aware released a new version of the program called Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition, according to Lavasoft this Ad-AwareAE versions is significantly lighter and faster than the previous version.

  • Uses 74% less memory than Ad-Aware 2008.
  • Only uses 18% of the CPU during scans – nearly 60% less resources than the previous version, and considerably less than each competitor product tested, including AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools.
  • Scans 36 MB per second – faster than each competitor product tested, and over 4 times faster than AVG’s.
  • If you have the previous version installed it will show a download message for Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition. If you haven’t treid this app, you can download it from