Find Music from Movies with ScreenTunes

ScreenTunes is a free music search service that helps you to find songs featured in movies and TV shows. You can search using the song name, lyrics. If you are not sure of the song title you can search with a Movie title, it will show all the music from that movie.

ScreenTunes is simple to use and quite helpful to find music from movies and TV shows. Enter a song name, lyric or movie title to get started and then select appropriate button, for searching based on Movie title select Movie button and hit search button. It will display all the music from that movie, you can either listen to the track using an embedded GrooveShark audio player or purchase the track using Amazon or iTunes.


ScreenTunes works perfect and pretty fast in finding the music, on the downside you may not get the results all the time because the database is not vast. At least it finds tracks from popular movies.

Via DownloadSquad