Firefox Hits 400 Million Downloads

mozilla firefoxIn less than three years Firefox hit 400 million downloads. It took 99 days to hit 25 million downloads, and one year to 100 million downloads. Spread Firefox buttons and banners placed on websites and blogs helped to achieve this feat by Mozilla.

Techcrunch reported that 50% of thier readers are Firefox users, i was curious to see about my blog readers. To my surprise 84% of my readers are Firefox users and only 13% use Internet Explorer. This might be the reason Google Adsense is not performing well on this blog, because everyone might be using Adblock extension like me :sad:

browser stats


  1. Jake says

    Well, you can get ad blockers on Internet Explorer and Opera as well, buts it is easiest to do on Firefox.

  2. says

    yaah i agree with you. People who use IE they don’t usually think of adding a ad blocker, and may be they are not tech savvy.