Get a custom URL for Google Profile

You can get a custom URL with your username for your Google profile, Amit noticed this in Google Profile. Although its nice to get your name or something you want for your Google Profile, you have no luck if you are a Gmail user. I don’t know the login behind this but Gmail users can’t get their preferred vanity URL, if they want they have give their Gmail ID as the profile user which is dumb.

To get your vanity URL go here and update the information before someone take that name you always wanted. Once you change the URL that is final you can’t change later to some other name so choose wisely. Of course you can always go back to the original profile URL with series of numbers.

Default URL:……. something like this with numbers
Vanity URL:

The Google profile pages look like social network pages, you can pull your Picasa or Flickr photos, add a short bio, write what you do, where you live, share links of your blogs or websites. If you use other Google services like Picasa, Google Reader, Blogger etc, they will be pulled automatically but they are opt-in links. What is missing currently yo become a social network is friends updates and a way to post status updates. Who knows in future they may enable these features and suddenly Google becomes a social network. Look here for help on Profile URLs