Google Analytics New Features: Site Search, Event Tracking..

Google announced new features to its popular stats tool Google Analytics.

Now you can track the search activity on your site. Enable the Site Search feature in Google Analytics account to track what people are searching on your site and where they are going. You can see the keywords people use on your site search, where they begin their searches and where they end up.

Another feature is Event Tracking utility which tracks how people interact with Ajax, Flash and other multimedia content on your site. Inorder to use this feature Google says you need to update your tags with ga.js inplace of urchin.js.

“In order to provide a way for you to define and track a wide variety of applications and interactions, there will be a new tracking module called ga.js. Using ga.js on your site instead of urchin.js means you can continue to take advantage of the latest advanced tracking enhancements (such as Event Tracking) as we release them. Although we suggest everyone upgrade to the new JavaScript, if you aren’t interested in Event Tracking and you’re already getting all the information you need from Google Analytics, you don’t need to change your tags.”


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    Hey great tip man! I didn’t even know about this. I’m looking to try out Microsoft’s new tool, just to see what kind of information it gives.

    Thanks man!