Google Blog Converters for Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, Live Journal

If you want convert and move one platform to other now there is a better way to import and convert blogs between different publishing platforms. Google has released python libraries and runnable scripts to convert and export blogs between formats like Blogger, Live Journal, Movable Type and WordPress.

WordPress provides excellent exporting options but not sure about the other platforms. These python libraries are released under Open Source so you can customize the scripts to your needs.

In addition, the source code includes templates for hosting these conversions on Google App Engine. Future additions to the project will include support for BlogML and synchronization tools between various services that do not provide a import/export feature but do provide APIs for accessing and modifying blog contents.

Appengine has hosted solutions for these tools, but as the appspot has a limit maximum 1MB for a downloaded file, it may not be useful for many bloggers, unless it is a small blog.

Note that there
is a huge caveat to using these hosted services at the moment in that there is a limit to the size of a downloaded file on of 1 MB of data. Thus, these hosted applications should only be used for reference or for the conversion of small blog export files.

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