Google Chrome 18 brings GPU acceleration WebGL improvements

Google Chrome 18 stable version released, the new version brings new features like better and faster graphics including for users running older computers. For the first time Google enabled GPU-accelerated rendering for HTML5 2D Canvas element, earlier it is available only in the beta channel. This will bring performance boost for web applications like games. GPU acceleration is enabled for both Windows and Mac computers so far, but not for Linux.

Chrome 18 also includes improvement to WebGL. To make WebGL capabilities available to more users Google enabled SwiftShader, a software rasterizer licensed from TransGaming. It will help users running older computers to access 3D content faster. Google notes that Software backed WebGL implementation is not going to match the GPU enabled one, but nevertheless it will allow users to access basic 3D content on the web.

The latest stable version includes several security fixes along with better graphics support. Chrome should auto update to the latest version, check in Wrench Menu –> About Google Chrome.

Source: Chromium Blog