Google Docs Spell Checker Powered by Web

Google search has a pretty impressive spell checker, as it suggests spellings based on context of the search. Now the Google Docs guys noticed this and thought why not use Google search spell checker for Google Docs as well. Google engineer writes on Google Docs blog that this system is adaptive as it learns from the Google bot exploring the web.

Now Google Docs comes with a spell checker that is not limited to the dictionary words anymore. The new spell checker adapts with the web according to Google and has many advantages over traditional spell checkers.

Suggestions are contextual. For example, the spell checker is now smart enough to know what you mean if you type “Icland is an icland.”

Contextual suggestions are made even if the misspelled word is in the dictionary. If you write “Let’s meat tomorrow morning for coffee” you’ll see a suggestion to change “meat” to “meet.”

Suggestions are constantly evolving. As Google crawls the web, we see new words, and if those new words become popular enough they’ll automatically be included in our spell checker—even pop culture terms, like Skrillex.

The spell checker is available for English documents and presentations currently but Google will plan to bring to other languages soon.