Google+ Hangouts come to all Gmail users in India

Google+ Hangouts are a great way for web video chatters to keep in touch with friends and family. Unlike the traditional video chatting Hangouts allows you to chat with upto 9 people and has several sharing features.

Introduced in last July Google is adding features to Google+ Hangouts, as part of the enhancements Google brings these Hangouts to all Gmail users in India. Earlier Gmail video chat allowed users to video chat with one another, now the Hangouts will allow multiple people to chat with. To take advantage of the feature users should activate their Google+ profile. If you are postponing the Google+ profile creation this is the time to activate.

Hangouts also bring some collaborative features like you can work with others on Google Docs on a Hangout or watch YouTube videos. All Gmail users may not have broadband connections to experience the Hangouts, If you are on a slow connection you can switch to ultra low bandwidth mode to keep using according to Google.