Google kills iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini and others

Google shuts products that didn’t get user traction or products that are redundant from time to time. Last November Google killed Knol, Wave, Gears and Friend Connect, and today Google announced that is is pulling the plug on some more services, the list includes iGoogle, Google Mini Google Talk Chatback, Google Video and Symbian Search app.

iGoogle was popular as s start page for many users at one time but it is no longer relevant, Google will retire this service on November 1, 2013. Google says with modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, there is no need for iGoogle type of service and so they are killing it. Users who want to move their settings and data will have 16 months of time to do so.

Google Video became irrelevant after YouTube and rightly Google stopped accepting video submission to Google Video since May 2009. Now the remaining Video content on the site will be moved to YouTube, and users have until August 30th to migrate, delete or download their content. The rest of the content after the deadline will be moved to YouTube as private videos.

Other services that are shutdown include Google Mini, the enterprise search offering. Google Talk Chatback that allowed websites to include Google Talk widget will also be killed, Meebo Bar will take it’s place now. Google also killing he Symbian Search app in light of the falling Symbian market share.

If you are using any of these services, it’s time to say Goodbye. Do you miss any of these products, I am sure except iGoogle no one really cares about these services that’s why Google is shutting all these services.