Google PageRank Update

pagerank updateToday blogosphere is full of posts related to the drop in PageRank to the major sites and blogs. Everyone is speculating that it is because of the paid links and Techcrunch says that network blogs also got hit because of this update.

I used to run TLA ads in this blog, but removed few weeks back. My other sites got effected with this update 2 PR 5 sites went down to PR3 and one PR4 went down to PR2. I suspect this is all because of the TLA ads.

Popular Blogs effected with this update are, Copyblogger, Quickonlinetips, Engadget, Downloadsquad.

Andybeard is compiling a list of sites got effected with this update.



  1. […] Many larger sites have noticed today that their Google PageRanks have dropped, in some cases drastically. PageRank Definition: Formula developed by Google to determine a web pages "inbound link ranking" Often referred to as "PR" value. […]