gReactions Aggregates and Pulls Comments into Google Reader

Google Reader is one of the popular RSS feed readers and useful web service to keep up with the RSS feeds from around the web. It pulls RSS feeds you add it to the reader, but it won’t pull the comments originated either in the blog post or in places like twitter. gReactions solves this by pulling comments generated on the original blog post or news article along with comments and links from several places like twitter, delicious etc.

gReactions is a Firefox addon for accessing the comments around a blog post or a news article. After installing the addon you will see a “Show comments” button at the end of each post in Google Reader. Clicking on the show comments link will pull comments, twitter links and etc in a frame. The default view shows all the comments, but you can filter them to only desired resources, like twitter links, delicious saved list, and original comments on the blog post. It won’t load the comments until you click the button, so it won’t slow down Google Reader showing the feed articles.


gReactions is a useful app if you want to see the conversation around an article, but it surely avoids readers going to the original article to see the comments. What do you think of this Firefox addon, is it helpful?.

[Via Webware]


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    After installing the addon, look for “show comments” button at the end of each post in google reader. Doesn’t need any other configuration.