Host Your Own Lifestream Site with Sweetcron

Web geeks love to see and share their lifestream, there are a ton of services offering lifestreaming like Friendfeed and others but the problem here is that you don’t have control over these services. Sweetcron will tackle this problem by allowing you to host your own lifestream on your domain. Sweetcron is a product from Yong Fook, it is not available yet, he promised it to release on 28th August 2008, that is just after 3 days.

Sweetcron? in Yongfook words

Lifestreaming is, I feel, the future of blogging (and ReadWriteWeb agrees…). Our digital lives are becoming increasingly more fragmented as we spread what precious little time we have spare across more and more web services – we need a way of pulling that all together automatically, displaying it intuitively and in a way that encourages interaction. That’s what a lifestream should do, and that’s what you’ll be able to do on your own site on 28.8.8.


Sweetcron automatically updates with your latest activities on the web, the lifestream is customizable to your needs by editing templates. Sweetcron will be released under open source, so you can host your own lifestream. We don’t have any idea how it works and how easy to customize but you can see a live version of it at Yongfook site, by the looks it appears to be a great piece of software. I am sure if it is easy to use and gives flexibility for authors to customize it it may became a popular software for lifestream.

Check out the below embedded video demo posted by Yongfook.