How to know number of subscribers via Google Reader

Google Reader now shows the number of subscribers a blog RSS feed has via Google Reader.

To see the number of subscribers count for any feed click on Add Subscription button in your google reader and search with the name of a blog or keyword and it shows the subscriber count next to each feed.

feed subscribers

These numbers represents the subscribers via google reader, iGoogle and Orkut. These numbers vary with feedburner subscriber count, Google Reader blog explains about these differences.

I checked my blog subscriber count in feedburner and it shows 295 subscribers today and this is slightly higher than what feed discovery shows above.

feed stats

These numbers may not speak about the total number of subscribers a blog has but you can estimate the total subscriber count. New blogs will have higher google reader subscribers and the old blogs have higher bloglines subscribers.

Update: Mashable has an interesting post on these numbers


  1. says

    Well I read this in DBT and tried to check mine, its was showing some error in Google reader. I feel the stats are not accurate.

  2. says

    Yep stats are not accurate, there is a small difference in Google Reader and Feedburner stats. I checked your feed stats in google reader it shows 2 feeds for your site, one is feedburner and another is wordpress feed, you should sum up both these numbers and then check with feedburner stats. Now you should see very little difference.