How to upgrade Firmware on Samsung LED TV

Your LED TV whether it is Samsung or Sony Bravia or other brands like Toshiba all come with firmware that has to be upgraded periodically. Companied release firmware upgrades now and then, you need to check in between whether your LCD or LED TV needs a firmware upgrade.

The process of upgrading firmware is not complicated it is easy and can be completed in few steps.

Identify your TV model number, usually it is on the back of your TV on a sticker. Now go to your local vendor website, Samsung or Sony, go to Downloads section and select your TV model from the list. Alternatively you can go to the global download center to download the firmware.

Download the firmware file from the website to your computer.

Take an empty USB key and format it, now unzip the firmware file and extract the files to the USB key. Now connect the USB key to one of TV USB slots.

Go to Menu using remote control, select Software update, select USB and  enter.

It will display the version numbers, check you are upgrading from lower version number to higher and enter. It will do the upgrade, it will take a minute or so. Once it is complete  your TV will reboot.

Now remove the USB from your TV.