Increase Feedburner Subscriber Count Overnight

We have seen blogs faking feedburner subscriber count by displaying someone else feed button, now thenextweb shows a way to increase subscriber count overnight to whatever number you want, think of thousands.

It is easy to hack the feedburner count. All you need is a netvibes account to boost subscriber count.

This may be a bug in Netvibes counting of the subscriber numbers, or may be a feedburner. Hopefully it will be fixed soon either by Google or netvibes, don’t fake your subscriber count in the mean time. Via Webware

See the video demonstrating the hack after the jump

Feedburner hacked! from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.


  1. says

    One way to figure out if someone’s inflating their numbers is to check the number of comments they get per post. A high subscriber count and low number of comments would be suspicious except under certain circumstances, like if you write a blog about chronic shyness.

  2. lazzybear says

    can u really make this happen ?
    Increase Feedburner Subscriber Count Overnight
    without being cheat ?