Install Google Now on Galaxy S III without S-Voice interfering (Fully Working)

So there are a lot of liked features on the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, there is one feature which has received relatively negative reviews. The Samsung S-Voice is the newest feature by Samsung on the S III smartphones and it is basically an assistant similar to Siri for the iPhone.

Google Now is Google’s newest feature and is an excellent assistant for upcoming Android smartphones. It is, in several ways, better than iPhone’s Siri. Apart from the online features of the assistant, you can also use Google Now offline. The offline voice typing features of Google Now are absolutely brilliant.

First, you need to download Google Now using this link. The file is tested on S III and should work on any rooted S III with ICS. Once downloaded, you need to install the flashable zip file through Recovery. You need at least 60mb of free space in your system partition as the file contains offline and online files for Google Now. After flashing the zip, switch on the phone and you’ll see the Google Now app in the app drawer. Then, you need to activate the app. When you open the app, you’ll have to go through a setup and when you get to “Yes, I’m in”, you’re done activating Google Now on your Galaxy S III.

Okay so here is the last and final step. After you fully get Google Now on your device, you will still find Samsung’s S-Voice doing things for you which is really annoying when you’re using Google Now. In order to completely remove S-Voice, you need go into the S-voice settings and uncheck the Launcher S-voice option. Then, you need to download home2 shortcut app from the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you need to set the double tapping home action to “Voice Search” from the list of applications. After a reboot, you should be able to launch Google Now by pressing the home button twice. However, if you still can’t launch the app, you need open the Google Now app and tap on “menu” and then ‘refresh”. Once done, you will need to reboot your device and you’ll have Google Now fully working on your phone. You can now enjoy Google Now on your Galaxy S III running ICS without the Samsung S-Voice interfering.