Listen to news & blogs on your iPhone

Pimpmynews is a free social news site that converts text from news & blog posts to mp3 clips which you can listen in your iPod or iPhone.

If you are tired of reading news in the web or in your reader, this is a good option to listen to them instead of reading.

You can create a “personalized talking newspapers” after registering to the site. Users can choose news and blogs from 59 categories, the program will convert them for you.

It is optimized for iPod and iPhone but you can listen to news from other mobile devices or on the web. Users can share these news on social networking sites as well.



  1. says

    This is an awesome new site! I have been using the playlist I created on my iPod… it is fast, easy, and super convenient. I would definately recommend this to anybody who is on the go a lot!