Microsoft confirms, Windows RT has also reached RTM stage

With the release of Windows 8 for the manufacturers, Microsoft also confirmed that Windows RT aka Windows 8 on ARM has also reached the RTM stage.

Windows RT, the Windows OS for ARM chips running on Windows Tablets including recently announced Surface tablets has also reached the RTM stage and is being shipped to the manufactureres.

Lots of companies including Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments will be making the ARM-based processors for Windows RT tablets. Tablets pre-installed with Windows RT will also have Office 15 installed on it which will allow for more productivity. Microsoft had earlier said that they won’t be selling stand alone versions of Windows RT. It will only come pre-installed with tablets. Windows 8 tablets are expected to release along with the release of Windows 8 RT on October 26th. Several manufacturers are including Nokia, Lenovo and others are lining up to release Windows 8 RT based tablets.

Windows RT will also be launched on October 26th, the same date on which Windows 8 is announced to launch. Microsoft has already confirmed that Surface tablet will be launched on Windows 8 release day and will be preinstalled with Windows RT.

Windows RT will not include support for the legacy desktop apps. It will only support all new metro apps along with a Windows Store to install these apps. So, if you were planning to buy a Windows RT based tablet to replace your laptop, you are out of luck this time. You will rather have to go for a Windows 8 based tablet, which will make a deeper hole in your pocket.