MIUI ROM: Features and Review

MIUI ROM is probably one of the most downloaded ROM for smartphones and tablets. Initially, it started out as a Chinese ROM with Chinese Language, however, it has changed since and is now one of the fastest and most attractive ROMs that you will find for any Android phone.

Firstly, the User Interface is magnificent and you have access to up to 9 different customizable home screens. You can add widgets and app shortcuts on all the screens. In order to delete shortcuts or widgets from the home screen, you can simply hold and drag the widgets into the trash bin. Apart from the home screens, the ROM features a blazing fast launcher which is “smooth as silk”. You can choose from 8 different transitions for the launcher.

The most liked feature about the ROM is that there are thousands of themes and skins available for the ROM so it is definitely the most customizable ROM for Android at the moment. The themes will not just change the launcher and the overall look of the ROM, but will change the lock screen and other small elements.

The Phone and SMS features of the ROM are also quite incredible. Android users really liked the dialer on HTC smartphones as it used to bring up contacts using numbers dialed in the phone app.  MIUI also uses a similar smart dialer which brings up contacts, along with the contact’s information related to the numbers that are dialed. Apart from that, it also displays public listed numbers with the use of “super yellowpage”. SMS messaging is also excellent on the ROM and you can customize different group names in order to send group messages.

Another good thing about the MIUI ROM is that it has an excellent notifications bar. A lot of users have liked the HTC Quick Settings in the notification bar and the MIUI ROM takes it to the next level. Once you switch to “toggles” in the notifications bar, you will be able to use 12 of your favorite settings including bluetooth, WIFI and a reboot button.

The Music Player app is also quite amazing and supports lyrics, album art and tags. You can also use additional features such as sleep mode. Another good feature here is that it supports gestures and shaking for changing tracks.

The Gallery app on MIUI is also pretty good and it is a lot faster than stock/vanilla Android. You can use the classic album view or the new folder view in order to browse through the images.

You can download MIUI ROM(Full English version) using this link for your device. Once downloaded, you can install the ROM using CWM recovery.