MusicBox for the HTC One X (Beats, SRS and Other Audio effects)

There are several equalizers available in the Google Play Store including Volume+ and the Equalizer app, however, they just cannot provide the music experience that most Android users are looking for. HTC took some action and decided to take audio to a whole new level as it came out with the Beats Audio integration in its latest smartphones.

With the Beats Audio enabled on the device, users have experienced an incredible experience with the Beats earphones and headphones. Sadly, the Beats enhancer is only available on HTC phones. The HTC Sensation XE and XL were the first ones to get the Beats Enhancer and HTC also used the same audio enhancer on the HTC One X.

The only problem with the Beats Enhancer on the One X is that the enhancing is only done in some situations and it isn’t global. MusicBox is a new mod for the HTC One X which gives users a totally unique audio experience on their HTC devices. The mod lets users control the audio effects, as well as the system sound effects. No equalizer lets you control system sounds such as notification tones and ringtones, however, with MusicBox you can control your sound on a global level.

First, the Mod lets you control system sound effects. Secondly, it features several different Beats sound effects in addition to the basic Beats enhancement. Thirdly, you get the old HTC  WOW effects. You can choose up to 4 Beats enhancements including urBeats, Beats Solo, Beats Pro and Beats Studio. The Mod also features SRS effects, Voice effect, HTC 5.1 enhancer and basic equalizer settings including bass boost and treble. You can also set different profiles for your wires and bluetooth headsets for the perfect Audio experience.

For ODEXED Stock ROMS, you can download the MOD using this mod. For DEODEXED ROMS, you can use this mod. You can install the zip file using CWM recovery on your phone. This should work on all rooted HTC One X devices. You should, however, make a Nandroid backup in case anything goes wrong.