Microsoft announced New Mice and keyboards for Windows 8 devices

Microsoft has announced new mice and keyboards for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system that is expected to launch on October 26th. Microsoft’s hardware division just completed their 30th year, they are making this occasion special by launching some cool new devices for a better Windows 8 experience.

Microsoft is also concentrating on mouse and keyboard along with the touch enabled controls for better Windows 8 experience, that is the reasong behind these devie launch. Microsoft revealed that four of the devices are Bluetooth-enabled and are specially designed for use on the go.

The Wedge Mobile keyboard features minimalist design and easy to carry, it is best for the using along witht a Windows 8 tablet. The keyboard is  extremely slim and is also very easy to carry around. The keyboard’s cover is as powerful as the keyboard. It includes a magnet and will act as a folding stand for your tablet. The keyboard includes special keys for charms bar access. The Windows key also has the new Windows 8 icon. It carries a price tag of $79.95 USD. Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard has a slight curvy design and is designed for both home use as well as on the move.

The Touch mouse which was launched last year by Microsoft, is also set to receive some new gesture updates. These gestures will be Windows 8 friendly and will include, ” finger swipes and movements that allow for navigation, switching through apps, and zooming in and out.”

Well there can’t be a better gift for the users on Microsoft’s Hardware division’s 30th anniversary. These devices will surely rock the market and will play a major factor in Windows 8 success.

Source| Microsoft News Center

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