nSpaces virtual desktop manager for Windows

Virtual desktops are nothing but the virtual copies of the Windows desktop, with these virtual desktops you can have several desktops and these can be customized according to your needs. We have covered Windows virtual desktop before from sysinternals. nSpaces is another Windows virtual desktop manager for Windows that can be customized and easy to use.

nSpaces is easy to use, it comes with four desktops but one can add more virtual desktops. Each desktop can be customized with different background images, desktops colors etc. nSpaces comes with hotkeys for desktop switching, you can even set password to your desktops for privacy.

It lets you set labels for different virtual desktops and allows you to open different apps in different desktops, this is helpful if you want to have all work related apps in one desktop and other in other desktop.

nSpaces is a freeware and compatible with Windows 200, Windows xp, Vista and Windows 7. nSpaces requires Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 or later.