PhoneClean will free up disk space on your iPhone/iPad

We often use software to remove cache, temp and junk files from our system to keep it clean, free up disk space and improve performance. There are several software that are available for Windows PCs, for example CCleaner. But when it comes to mobile phones it is quite difficult to do the cleaning as well to find software that can do this.

If you are using an iPhone / iPad it has a fixed storage and you can’t expand it. Over time, depending on your usage it might accumulate temp files or cache files that are not useful for the phone, and cleaning them will give you some more disk space which you can put for better use. But how do you do the cleaning, PhoneClean is a freeware for Windows users that can help you to free up disk space in you iPhone/iPad.

Depending on the phone usage you could reclaim your valuable space starting from MBs to a few gigabytes. If you have several applications installed in your phone, it is a good idea to run this software to see how much space you can reclaim.

Install PhoneClean software and connect your iOS device to your system. PhoneClean will open up and show the free disk space you have. You need to scan your iPhone / iPad to see how much disk space you can free up. While scanning you have the option to keep offline files generated by applications, as these files are regenerated again once you open the application.

Once scanning is done, you click clean to remove the cache, temp files from your phone. That’s all now you have freed up much valuable space on iOS device.

PhoneClean is a freeware for Windows and works with Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It supports iPhone from first generation to iPhone 4s, iPad models and iPod models.

Download PhoneClean