Pixlr: Online Image Editor

There is no shortage of online image editors, Pixlr is a new entrant in this crowded space. Pixlr is simple to use and does basic photo editing but don’t expect it to perform more advanced functions like in photoshop or other desktop photo editing tool.

Pixlr is developed in Flash, interface is clean and easy on the eyes. If you have ever used a photo editing application you can “Jump in” and use pixlr. It allows you edit multiple photos, the elements can be dragged here and there for better arrangement when dealing with multiple photos.


Overall the image editing functions are enough for average user, if you are just looking for some basic editing of your images check this out. Integration with photo sharing sites like Flickr would be a great addition to this tool.


  1. says

    I’ll try it out, I have been struggling with image editors and a user friendly, quick online one might be exactly what I’m looking for. Thanx for the post