PrintWhatYouLike: Make Any Web Page Printer Friendly

Printwhatyoulike is a useful service to save ink while printing web pages. With this tool you can print any web page by removing unnecessary elements with mouse clicks.

Some sites provide printer friendly pages like this blog and some don’t provide. You may be only interested in printing the article with out headers, sidebar elements etc. Printwhatyoulike allows you to customize printing of any web page by removing sidebars, footers etc from web pages. Just enter the URL and hit enter, the page opens with sidebar containing tools to edit the page. Delete the elements you want to like background images, headers and other elements. You can increase the text size, change the font type to improve the readability of the web page.


  1. […] We all do saving web pages while surfing for quick access later or to archive important information. While you can always save pages to your computer, it will be useful to save them directly to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs, that way you will have access to these documents anytime you want from any device. CleanSave is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to save web pages to Dropbox and Google Docs. Not only saving web pages to these services but it also helps you in cleaning the web page before saving. It also allows you to print these cleaned documents, this feature is quite useful for me. I am using currently, which is also a good service for removing clutter before printing. […]