Four Useful Sites for Resume Building

Are you on a job hunt? creating a perfect resume can be a tedious task. There are many online resources which enable you to create elegantly styled resumes in short time. Following are some useful websites with handy features that enable you to create and edit profiles online.


A VisualCV is web based, multimedia resume that portrays a comprehensive picture of you professionally and allows you to stand out from the crowd. VisualCV can be used for professional networking, job searching, business development, and personal brand management.

VisualCV Portfolio enables you to easily add and manage your work samples, images, videos, certificates, or other interesting details. So, its a great place to manage a portable resume and showcase your work to provide employers with insights into your work abilities and strengths rather than using a traditional resume.

Resume Bucket

ResumeBucket enables you to upload your resume quickly and allows you to search for jobs in your local area. ResumeBucket offers convenient access and easy-to-use editing for your resume. Once you upload your resume, it will converted to a webpage in short time and then, you can add the webpage URL to a site, blog, or social media sites.

Your revision history will be saved on Resume Bucket so, you can experiment with changes and switch back to a previous version of your resume, if need be. Apart from resume building, you can view metrics like how often is your resume being viewed.  In addition, you can manage communication with other ResumeBucket users via the Message Center.


Linkedin is a professional networking site which enables you to search for jobs and build a standard profile page to list your education, work experience, interests and skill sets.

Just like facebook or Twitter, you can update your status on Linkedin and join groups related to your interests. Linkedin also allows you to acquire endorsements for your work, and add applications like a blog feed.

Resume Social

A social resume community, where you can post your resume online and get feedback from other users. Once registered, users can build a resume and improve it by gaining feedback and comments from other community members. Resume social also has a section for sharing cover letters and follow-up letters.

You can make use of pre-built templates to post your resume online with Resume Social. Apart from resume building, you can search for jobs based on a geo. location. And, go through resources, tips from experts to gain valuable career advice.