Get A Richer Browsing Experience For Your Blog With Apture


While browsing the web these days, you would rarely come across any website with just plain text on it. Flat text - nothing else. Well, that was Web 1.0 , we now live in the Web 2.0 age, surfing not only just text, but audio, video, presentations, files, movies and what not! If you have a blog, ... Read More →

WordPress for iPhone

Now the new iPhone and iPhone App store are live there are so many applications for you to install in your new iPhone. Our favorite blogging software Wordpress is not left behind, a new Wordpress for iPhone is launching soon for those who want to blog from their iPhone. Wordpress app for iPhone ... Read More →

Twimbler: Tumblog with Tweets

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Twimbler is a nice service that allows you to update a kind of tumble blog with twitter tweet links. Using twimbler is as simple as it can be, no need of registrations, logins. How to twimble? When you share a link via twitter, you add a #log: before your message. Like this #log: ... Read More →

Technology Bites Is One Year Old

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Technology Bites turned one year old on yesterday, that is March 7th 2008. I completely forgot it, I realized this when i read Madhur's post. I started this blog to share my thoughts on Web 2.0 and technology. So far it is going good, thanks to all you wonderful readers. It was quite an ... Read More →

iPhone Optimize Your Blog with MoFuse

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MoFuse is a service that creates a mobile version of your blog. MoFuse takes blogs RSS feed an turns it into a mobile optimized page. Today MoFuse launched a iPhone app creator to optimize websites for iPhone. MoFuse says that your "mobile site will be standards-compliant! Our mobile site ... Read More →

Blogged: Human Edited Blog Directory

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail is a blog directory and a tool for discovering new blogs. Unlike other directories like Technorati Blogged is human edited. Users can rate the blogs, comment and submit their favorite blogs. Each blog is ranked in relevant categories with a score, this score is assigned editorially ... Read More →

Movable Type finally goes Open Source

Six Apart announced few months back that Movable Type is going towards open-source when they released MT 4 Beta. Now the time has come and finally MT is going to open source from today. If you don't know what is Movable Type it is a weblog engine like Wordpress. Popular blogs like Boing Boing ... Read More →