Google Chrome Bookmarks Synchronization


Google Chrome added a bookmarks synchronization feature today to the latest developer build of Google Chrome. Google engineers announced this feature recently on the Chromium developer Google Groups. If you are running a developer build you can use this feature immediately or else you need to wait ... Read More →

Google Chrome to get bookmarks synchronization


Main hurdle for users to switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome is the lack of add-ons and features like bookmarks sync and others. But those days are numbered as Google Chrome is added support for extensions in the recent developer builds and now they are adding support for bookmark ... Read More →

Bmlet Gets You All The Bookmarklets Under One Hood


Bmlet is a one of its kind directory where all you can find is bookmarklets, aka smart javascript bookmarks. The term, coined in 1998 is now noted for the extendibility and productive effects that it brings into one's surfing experience. Bookmarklets are a single line of javascript code that you ... Read More →

Thumbtack: Bookmarking App from Microsoft Live Labs

Microsoft Live Labs announced today a new bookmarking tool called Thumbtack that allows users to collects snippets of information from the web, organize and share it with others. This is not yet another social bookmarking tool but more like to organize ones own web notes collections. There are ... Read More →

Foxmarks syncs passwords across PCs

Foxmarks, the popular bookmarks synchronizer add-on for Firefox browser now syncs passwords across PCs so you don't need to remember all those me too site passwords. The updated version of the Foxmarks add-on allows you to sync your passwords to Foxmarks servers so that you can access from other ... Read More →

Evernote Public Beta Launched

Evernote, the note taking app went public beta today from private beta. This is a great application for taking notes and saving bills or anything you want. The search of Evernote is brilliant it recognizes text in images also. Evernote is now released with both free and premium accounts. Free ... Read More →

Hide Unvisited Firefox 3 Add-On to Tweak Awesome Bar

Firefox 3 has some nice features at the same time it came with one useless feature called Awesome Bar. Ok some may like this one, but i don't like it, the annoying part is that it shows all the bookmarks stored in firefox when entering URLs. Now it is not annoying anymore, there is a Firefox ... Read More → Plugin for Internet Explorer

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Firefox extension is one of my favorite plugin and i am sure many of you might have this one. Although Firefox extension is there from long time there is no Internet Explorer plugin for the same, so IE is not so delicious for its fans. But not anymore today released the final ... Read More →