UnDelete – Recover or Shred Deleted Files on Android

Even though android still has a long way to go before it can compete with Windows based laptops, there are several utilities available for the android OS which are similar to the apps on Windows 7. From video players to torrent clients, you can find thousands of apps in the Google play store. A new utility is now available for Android which lets you undelete files and folders. There have been such apps for windows and now android users can recover their deleted files using UnDelete for android.

UnDelete is, basically, an app which lets you recover any file on your sd card or internal storage. Currently, it supports over a thousand file formats which can be easily recovered. If you want to recover some deleted photos or music, then this is the perfect app.

UnDelete offers various different features, first being the recovery of files which have not been written over. Secondly, it also lets you wipe or shred files completely from your device, which can never be recovered.

Apart from that. UnDelete also supports thumbnail generation. All types of image files, music files, video files, documents, archives and binaries are supported and can be recovered or shredded. The app also features a preview mode for different files and supports batch recovery and wipe operations.

UnDelete only support FAT storage and only supports external recovery on Tegra devices. Even though UnDelete is a reliable android app, it may fail to recover certain files after scan if they are broken or corrupt. Once the recovery is done after scan, you can view your files in the undelete folder in your device. The latest update of the app also supports restoring full custom folders.

UnDelete is available in the Google play store and you can download it using this link. The app should work on most android devices, however, you must be rooted in order to recover files.