Upgrade from Windows XP, Vista, 7 to Windows 8 for $39.99

Microsoft announced Windows 8 upgrade plans for PCs running previous versions of Windows as it nears the launch of Windows 8 operating system. As part of the deal users who are running either Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 will be able upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99.

The upgrade offer is available to users in all 131 qualifying markets around the world. Along with the deal users will be able to download Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” after upgrading to Windows 8. Unlike Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 will have only three versions Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT, While the first two are for desktops and laptops, Windows RT is for touch enabled devices like tablets.

Users can purchase the upgrade through Windows.com, and Windows Upgrade Assistant will helps in upgrading from earlier versions by taking you through the steps required from purchase to the download and to installation.

While the digital download is priced at $39.99, users can also buy a packaged DVD copy of Windows 8 from local store for $69.99.

Microsoft earlier announced that users who will buy Windows 7 systems after June 2nd will receive the upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99.

If you are not upgrading from earlier version and you want to have a copy of Windows 8 for building your own PC you can get that after the release, but the pricing of that version is not yet announced.

If you are upgrading from consumer editions of Windows 7 to Windows 8 you will be able to keep your personal files, Windows settings and applications you installed after the Windows 8 upgrade. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista you will be able to bring your personal files and Windows settings after the upgrade. If you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8 you will only be able to bring your personal files.

Microsoft says the upgrade experience will be faster and unified with single upgrade path and compatibility with previous versions.

We believe that your upgrade experience in Windows 8 will be a breeze by offering a faster experience, a single upgrade path, and compatibility from prior versions of Windows. We’ve continued to listen to our customers and have expanded the ability to download to over 100 countries and 37 languages. We have simplified the Windows upgrade experience with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which supports you during your upgrade with everything from selecting your language to pausing your download to built-in compatibility checks – it’s seamless. And if you’re an enthusiast you will have the flexibility to download and control how you upgrade.

This is much better a deal compared to the previous upgrade plans for Windows versions. This shows that Microsoft wants to get as many users as possible to it’s next generations OS, that is Windows 8. There might be several reasons for this like for the first time Windows Apps will be sold through a central marketplace, the success of this marketplace is essential for Microsoft to convince developers to continue to work on the platform. Not only that Metro interface is not liked by many, so getting as many users as early as possible will allows Microsoft to show the numbers and convince others to upgrade to the platform fast.