Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Confusion

There is a confusion about whether Windows Phone 7 devices that are sold now will be upgraded to the next generation OS Windows Phone 8 codenamed “Apollo”. The confusion came from two different reports surfaced on a single day one from a Microsoft developer evangelist and another from unnamed sources.

The first report published says that Microsoft developer evangelist Nuno Silva told that every Windows phone sold to date will get the update, not only the recent Windows Phones like Lumia series but older Windows Phones also will be upgraded to the next major release. The next major release of the WP is Windows Phone 8  Apollo.

While this makes logical as the new owners of Lumia 900 doesn’t want to stuck with a phone that is not upgradable in the near future, we are not talking about years now, as Apollo expected to launch with Windows 8. If this is not the case Microsoft will lose fans and early adopters who are trying a phone platform that is not so popular.

The Verge citing unnamed sources says that current Windows phone owners won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 from Windows Phone 7.  That means there is no upgrade from Mango to Apollo if their source is to believe.

Mary Jo Foley previously reported that Microsoft didn’t answer the question whether WP7 phone will get the WP8 upgrade but said all current windows phone 7 applications will run on Windows Phone 8. From this wording we can assume that WP Mango phones won’t be upgraded to WP Apollo.

Obviously this makes lot of confusion among new WP7 buyers as well as owners of Lumia devices.