Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be Released Today

Update: Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview released today download links here.
Microsoft is set to release Windows 8 Consumer Preview version of it’s upcoming operating system Windows 8. The announcement will cone in few hours, and the download links will be up shortly after, we will post the download links here. Microsoft touts it as a “no compromises” experience equally on all devices including laptops, desktops and touch screen tablets. If you have a system running with Windows 7, then you should be able to run Windows 8 also with out any problem.

The biggest change users will notice in Windows 8 is the Metro interface, If you have used Windows phone or seen developer preview then you might feel at home. With the radically revamped start screen and Metro interface, Windows 8 should give good user experience on touch screen tablets rather than desktops.

Microsoft already released Developer Preview, and those who are using Developer preview faced some problems like not able to navigate properly using mouse and keyboard when using Metro interface. Developer preview felt like designed for tablets and not for laptops or desktops. Windows 8 consumer preview will change that, Microsoft is expecting that we use Metro instead of Desktop in Windows 8. Users who have used Windows Phone feel comfortable with the new Metro interface as that is the default on Windows 8 as well, but you can switch to the desktop if you want.

Microsoft developed a version of Windows for ARM processors. ARM processors may not be familiar with the PC crowd, but they are the standard for mobile processors, smartphones and tablets use these processors extensively. Currently Apple iOS and Google Android dominate in the tablet or smartphone OS. Microsoft is finally awaken and and developed a Windows 8 version for ARM chips hoping that it will encourage device manufacturers to load Windows in their touch enabled tablets.

Consumer Preview will be released in just few hours, we can see what Microsoft has done with Windows 8.


  1. […] With the release of Windows 8 consumer preview, Microsoft also release first official theme for Windows 8, Nightfall and Starlight. The theme features wide-angle images of distant galaxies, mountains and seas. The theme is designed to extend dual monitor setup seamlessly. If you have dual monitor setup you can try this theme right away, only thing is that both the monitors should have the same resolution. In this case the images will extend to both the monitors, if they have different settings different images appear on them. This theme will also work on single monitor but images are centered, you can’t the full view. […]