WiTV: Another Joost Competitor

WiTV is the new entrant in the internet TV market that aims to compete with services like Joost, Babelgum and Veoh TV. WiTV is the code name of the service and its not yet launched, but WebTVWire has some nice screenshots and a preview about the service. WiTV is the product of CrossCsat Systems and based in Italy.

WiTV is a browser based application and doesn’t require you to download anything, and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Although it is not yet released the screenshots look pretty good with clean interface and high quality of video. A fluid scrollbar with thumbnails for each channel is avialable at the bottom of the player to make it easy to switch between channels and a short description of the video playing at the bottom of the player.


Other important features include an Skype and other Instant messenger integration so that users can chat with each other while watching videos. WiTV is can be integrated with other devices like Apple TV, Xbox 360, Windows Media Devices for easy downloading of videos.

Current limitations of this system is the lack of P2P like Joost which may create problems in terms of scalability and bandwidth.

While looking at the screenshots and the features like downloading videos and chat it looks like better than Joost and others, but we can only tell about this once goes to public.

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Images Credit: WebTVWire