WordPress Official Theme Directory is Back

WordPress official theme directory stopped accepting new themes long back and it is almost dead. Today they re opened the directory at WordPress extend, plugins directory is also located here.

Matt promised a theme marketplace in November 2007 but that never been released and there is no news on the progress of the project so far. Now atleast they have opened the theme directory which is beneficial to both theme developers and users.

The new theme directory doesn’t have many themes yet, only 3 themes are available at the moment but this may change in the next few days. All the themes uploaded will be screened and approved before they go for public consumption.


In order to be added to the directory each theme must meet the following requirements:

  • A single zip file, with all of the files themes file included.
  • There must be a style.css file containing:
      Name (which must be unique to the directory)
      Version (in the format of x.x or x.x.x and must be unique to the theme)
      Image align classes: img.centered, img.alignright, img.alignleft, .alignright, .alignleft
  • The screenshot file name must be screenshot.png, and be a real screenshot of the theme, not a splash screen.
  • Licensing must be GPL compatible.
  • No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme. Links back to the author’s site are fine.
  • The theme must be your own original work.