Yahoo wants free advertising from wordpress blogs, sort of

yahoo shortcuts

Yahoo today released a wordpress plugin for bloggers to show relevant content (read Yahoo content) in blog posts. This wordpress plugin finds Flickr photos, ticker symbols, products, yahoo maps etc which can be included in blog posts as links to relevant words or as badges. If you put lot of flickr images or a financial blog looking for company info then this plugin is useful to you otherwise its useless.

yahoo shortcuts
Image Credit:Yahoo

After installing the plugin you will see a module “Y powered shortcuts” in your write panel. It will find relevant links when you write the post based on the text, you can click “Review this post” button to include these in your post. Either link keywords with links or as direct or in a mini search box as hover links. Flickr photos, yahoo maps, products from yahoo shopping can be included in the content.

If you want to give free advertising to Yahoo go and get the beta plugin.

Update: Shoemoney phrased it well
yahoo shortcuts


  1. says

    How can a company like Yahoo can even think of something like this. Well, I think yahoo should first start an affliate program then release the plugin. I wont be the one using this plugin otherwise 😉

  2. says

    Yes they really do need an affiliate program. Somehow I’ve always hated Yahoo, I’ve worked for AT&T and had access to Yahoo’s backend tools.

    It was sad the way the they trick customers to use Yahoo accounts and later terminate them when the contract with AT&T was over.