Zemanta: Content Suggestion Engine for Blogging

Zementa is a content suggestion engine for bloggers launched yesterday. It suggets relevant links, pictures, related content while you are writing a post.

Zementa launched in Alpha currently supports, WordPress, Blogger and Typepad platforms. You can install the Firefox Add-on to see how it works. Once installed it will show a small icon in the URL bar, when it finds the supported platform the icon turns bright. If you use wordpress you will see a new tab beside your write panel, when you start writing your post it will find relevant links, photos and articles. You can add the content you are interested in your posts.


Zementa looks at your content and refresh recommendations for every 300 characters you write. Currently it works best with English language blogs only, but it may work with other languages if it finds some buzzwords.

Zementa gets related articles from pre-indexed data 300 top media sources and its own user blogs. The images are suggested from Wikimedia commons, Flickr, Shutterstock anf Fotolia. They will include only content that is free to use or is licensed under creative commons, so that you won’t get sued for using copyrighted material. :)

In the near future they may also add a feature to link to your own content, that would be awesome.

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See the video to see how it works


  1. says

    Well, it would be no use to me till they come up with a Windows LiveWriter plugin.

    Also, funnily enough, I got almost the same images as in your screenshot when I test ran it… :)

  2. says

    Hey this seems pretty good. I wish they release a beta version atleast , not much comfortable with alpha. It will help to provide more information in the content to the readers.

  3. says

    @Vaibhav, Nirmal, Madhur
    If more bloggers request they may come up with WLW plugin.
    This is just alpha release, one can expect more images in the future releases i guess.

  4. says

    Hi from Zemanta!

    Glad you tested it out.

    Yes, Live Writer plugin is something that is currently highly requested and we are looking at how we could bring it alive as soon as possible. If there is any coder around that would be interesting working on it with our documentation at hand, please send us a mail! :)

    On the images… for the similar posts we naturally suggest similar images. Posts on completely different topic will get completely different images.

    Otherwise we are carefully listening to user feedback and will try to improve service with each iteration!

    If you have any additional ideas or comments about how Zemanta could be more useful please mail us or use http://getsatisfaction.com/zemanta to leave us feedback so we can discuss it!